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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  November 26, 2012 7:00am-10:00am PST

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>> the big story we're following this monday morning with team coverage is the fall. you cannot even tell where this it is. we will have until you how to use caution to drive to work in school this morning. the airline is also cyber
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monday. he will stay at home and shop on line. we will tell you about the deals that you can get on line. >> first the weather because it is foggy out there. jackie sissel is keeping an eye on any potential delays that they may have at sfo. a good morning. >> could morning. you can see that we are shrouded in heavy fog out here. there are delays on are arriving flights. it is expected that there is a ground hold at some point which means that the planes will have to wait until the fog lifts to take off. it is mostly are arriving flights, somewhere between 45 minutes an hour. if you have someone flying into sfo today you should probably check ahead. the
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most likely are delayed. we will start saying delays on the departing flights it will start a ripple effect. the best advice, we always give it call ahead or get on line and check your flight status to see if you are affected. >> the big question sfo it is when will befall the left? >> no time soon as the answer. >> that is right daria of we do have a fog advisory for the san francisco bay. until 9:00 this morning. visibility is still compromise. is down to zero. three chance of a mile for oakland so drive with extra caution on 580 and the nimitz. there has been some improvement in the north bay about eight tenths of a mile for santa rosa. we are no
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longer add zero for those commuting right around 1 01 and 37. the watches and warnings of the yellow on the screen indicates where we're seeing in dense fog and advisories'. is us and the system by the north bay anterior dallies -- bally valleys temperatures later on we expect to a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures will drop down into the 50s. warm-up to expect today and what we are expected for wednesday coming up and my next report. >> the bay bridge westbound dense fog advisory bear. almost all bridges on the bay. the quick commute check expect foggy and slow conditions for a number of east bay freeway. interstate 80, interstate 680, 580
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westbound and highway 4. the peninsula still looks pretty good but the north bay is pretty funny. especially slow for 1 01 southbound and not iran county. >> george was just showing you the toll plaza, this is over on nearby island. every time we checked in with the only thing seemed to be getting worse. >> it is so thick you cannot even see. you're able to see some car lights, and some of the rose. you can't even see that anymore. want to get past that you have the tahoe and it fil sends out a bit in the tunnel. you will run
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into some really thick patches you'll probably not below sea pasture hud. drive with caution. >> today will be a big one for online sales. experts estimate today will be the biggest on-line shopping day of the year for the third straight time. the researchers from the cause or estimates americans will spend a billion and a half dollars today. that is up from last year. amazon that, is offering as much as 60% off for a panasonic tv that is usually over a thousand dollars. kmart says it will be taking 75 percent off of diamond earrings. $70 billion has been spent on line so far this holiday season and that is also up from last year.
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>> the cease-fire is holding between god and israel. the two sides are meeting with officials today and discuss and possibly opening and border crossings. the cease- fire brokered last week as the president pushed for the cease-fire and secretary hillary clinton and visited the region. troops were gathering in the gaza border for a possible ground invasion. this started when moss militants fired rockets rockets into israel and israel reach tolerate it retaliated with rocket airstrikes. the cease-fire is holding for now. >> it is seven 05 a.m. and we'll be back in just a couple of minutes. the bases thig story is the fog. we will be right back.
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>> 7:08 a.m.. stocks opened a bit lower a huge weekend for retailers. the dow was down about 70 points at the moment. shoppers flood of stores and record
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numbers over the weekend. the organization says it 247 million shoppers visit stores and web sites during the holiday weekend. that is up 9.2% from last year. this morning the economic council and the economic council advisor a say the increase in taxes and the fiscal cliff we're talking not add the in the year. if that happens and we go over the cliff consumer drop spending could drop by nearly $200 million next year. this is why investors are a little apprehensive. >> people do believe in the class and they understand that it is no joking matter. --cliff the poll indicates 17 in 10 americans are calling for a compromise on the issues. they are pessimistic about anything actually happening. one out of four people say tax increases and spending cuts
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will it cause a crisis. >> the giant l'oreal is buying the edgy private cosmetic company urban decay. it will give l'oreal another entry into the specials as brands. urban decay makeup is sold through specialty retail stores like so fora for online shops. this deal will give l'oreal extended reach. we will take a break in here as aid look at our toll plaza. the fog is a real problem as we're watching the news began to back up. we will talk to george st of the drive times are slowing down. fog typically means delays that s f o and they are beginning to become an especially for are arriving flights. if we will talk with jackie sissel in just a bit and get a word on the traffic there. we
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will be back in a moment. @ñ
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>> fog is the name of the game here is we're looking at a live picture from the island looking down at the upper deck of the bay bridge. traffic is flowing and you cannot even see the headlights anymore. erica,
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of that is pretty bad out there. >> we have not only advisory's for the north and syria valley but the san francisco bay and the cartel and a strain. it is not too bad and the san ramon valley. the james lick freeway in downtown san francisco, you cannot see much. visibility has improved north of the golden gate bridge. santa rosa is not add a mile, three tenths of a mile for nevada. visibility is at 04 r 101 and half moon bay. the fall report is showing that it is pretty much everywhere. the vermont is not too bad and visibility there is at 10 mi.. in to the 9:00 hour is wendy's fog advisory is said to expire. partial clearing, more in the way of sunshine as we head into the afternoon. expect easy conditions, a mix of sun and clouds. temperatures are on the cooler side and santa
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rosa is 39 degrees perrin in afternoon highs conditions easing and temperatures in the '60s. fremont as 61 degrees, 65 in sunnyvale. it looks like fairfield as 62 degrees, low 60s for san leandro and walnut creek. turning our attention to the north bay, the upper 50s and 56 and city. berkeley is coming in at 60 degrees this afternoon. 7 day around the bay shows more in a way of cloud cover as we head into tomorrow. wednesday overnight hours will see some rain. future cast four, 2:00 a.m. wednesday whole lot of cloud cover. as we advance the clock 4:00 a.m. in the form of rain at the real and green
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indicating light to moderate rain approaching the bay area. we could see a when the advisory in front of the system. multiple storms for the rest of the workweek and as we transition into the weekend, expect a steady heavy rain. we could see excess of 15 in. for the north bay when this is all said and done. sfax 7:16 a.m. we're on to traffic with george. >> the fog is slowing things around the bay area but thankfully we have not tried in the hot spots yet this morning. things are still moving pretty well, even if slowly. the bay bridge toll plaza drive times are running about 18 to 22 minutes. there's a backup from west grand avenue, it is not slammed through the macarthur maze this morning. it is heavy at the san mateo bridge once again and we notice that the back of in the westbound direction seemed to begin earlier and earlier. we have seen this
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pattern starts to unfold over the last couple of weeks. from time as i will be slow and go and stop and go at the toll plaza. your ride to the golden gate branch, the 1 01 southbound is almost as funny as it gets here. this of all way across the span and slow traffic because of it. the drive times are still not that much higher than normal and running about 24 minutes for hercules to berkeley. heavier traffic out of funds and held for 680 southbound. the bart is having some problems and pleasant help. their single tracking trains through there with 10 minute delays. on the freeways of the westbound 580 ride ready in 34 minutes now headed over to dublin from the old to not pass. south bay's turn a bit of slowing in the saratoga on 85. 280 as well from what guadalupe parkway out towards 17. the north
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bay ride, while slowing is still under 30 minutes from life out of nevada and highway 37 down to the golden gate bridge. still heavy for the palo the rise southbound. >> airport officials at sfo say the number of passengers passing through the gates on sunday exceeded the number of previous years. so they're doing better this year than last. this is a shot of people yesterday headed home after the thanksgiving weekend. the travelers we spoke to said they expected delays so they packed plenty of patience. 1.2 million travelers flew in and out of the s f o during the holiday weekend. >> watching the supreme court this week they will begin meeting behind closed doors as friday. the justices will decide whether not to way and on same-sex marriage with several cases in front of them. the high court to decide what they're not finally here in california's proposition 8.
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they can also choose to pass prop. 8 and pick up one of the eight other cases that challenge the 1996 defense of marriage act. the federal law which bars federal federal benefits for same- sex couples. the bidding on how far the cary go they could ban at latigo or not hear any cases. >> the source of the carbon monoxide that sent 14 people hospitalized and francisco has still not been found this morning. 7:00 last night a sampling cisco firefighters responded to a carbon monoxide alarms going off and as low hundred block of portland avenue office bay shore. people inside were complaining of headaches and sore throats. the haz-mat crews went and and a scant the inside of the home. they could not find the source of it.
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it was a deadly holiday weekend and oakland, 4 people were shot and killed in different shootings since friday. the latest half and 6:00 yesterday morning with the fire crews responding and witnesses in the area. 2 women were shot and killed there and. an 18 year-old mother and a 19 year-old man were shot and killed. no arrests have been made in any of those shootings. this brings the number of shootings in oakland to 150 this year. they're still looking for the driver that struck and killed a woman on highway 1 01 on saturday night. according to the san mateo county coroner's office the woman was walking on the freeway near or star park boulevard around 8:30 p.m. when she was struck by a car and also had by several other vehicles. she died at the scene. investigators do not know which way in the first driver was then or how
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fast they were going. a menlo park man is recovering from injuries after being shot in east palo alto last night. this was on the 2200 block of addison avenue are around 8:15 p.m. is a 45 year-old man who had been shot multiple times. they believe he had been approached by one or more people in shot while he was sitting in a parked car. no arrests have been made. >> coming up we will have a wrap up on national and international stories as well. we keep an eye on the bay area and the fog. this is a live look out of s f o where we are recording and delays on flights because of the fall. we'll have the latest on our report coming up of the bottom of the hour.
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the tories that investigated the cayley and in a death overlooked a global sorts and the case. the computer investigator missed a 2008 search for an " foolproof suffocation methods and ". this was done on a browser primarily used by her mother. according to manhattan's
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u.s. attorney's office matthey in march, that secret advanced results from tests of an alzheimer's disease drug. prosecutors say he is that information make more than $276 million and trays from various funds. it may be very well be the most lucrative insider traders game ever. >> human error is partly to blame for the explosion in massachusetts that leveled a strip club and damaged more than three dozen surrounding buildings. the explosion more this happened. the fire marshal said a worker accidentally punctured a high-pressure pipe with a probe while looking for the source of a gas leak. they are still looking at what caused the explosion. 18 people were hurt in the blast and that could have been worse. keep in mind there already investigating a gas leak in that area. it had already been evacuated so lot of people were not there. more and
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more than a hundred people are dead in hundred others injured have a factory fire in bangladesh. he you can see the flames there. there's a ton of smoke. a couple thousand people were in the building in the clothing factory saturday night. it was difficult for the firefighters to put out. a lot of people were trapped in the building at the time. they were saved. a fire broke out on the first floor. >> top obama administration officials are saying that they would like to keep 10,000 u.s. troops in afghanistan when the formal combat role and in 2014. that is about the midpoint of what general john alan recommended. he proposed maintaining 6000 to 15,000 troops to conduct training and counter-terrorism efforts. many troops left after 2014 would require the consent of the afghan president. this suggested
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the u.s. plans to keep a small force and afghanistan for years to come. >> at 727 a m will be taking a quick break. we will come back and update you with the weather. we have a lot of fog this morning and this is what it looks like from above. this is the mt. tam cam looking down on san francisco and you can see nothing but a blanket of fog. this is causing problems that s f o and we will have the latest in a live report coming out.
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>> 730, foggy but agassi and got that from the roof cam. we will give exact forecasts of erica and a few minutes. we want to talk to jackie sissel he has been monitoring the situation. >> things are pretty good
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for a while but that fog is sitting over the top of sfo. that is the control tower and they are only a few hundred yards away. we went to check a few the bourses to the flights look like. there what they called a ground hold right now. incoming flights will be affected by the heavy fog. we are starting to see delays and as i said it is mostly arriving flights. we're seeing delays in the 45 minutes to and hour plus range. as the morning goes on those arrivals are supposed to be here it will have a ripple effect. we will see delays across the board. at the height of it around 8:00 according to the dealer manager we could see delays of up to 2 1/2 hours. i know i am ipad it have here but if you're going to travel today get on line and check your carrier. if you're going to be traveling the need to go on line and check because the heavy fog is causing delays. it will not get better anytime soon.
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>> now for a while anyway. >> visibility is down to near nothing. >> santa rosa and and i are both down to zero. but within this is the advisory said to expire at 9. visibility is that an apple right now down to pretense of a mile from edward city hayward. not too bad and livermore in concord. there is a dense fog advisory for the north bay interior valleys in san francisco bay. as well as a cartoonist straight. give yourself little extra time and be mindful of the cars in front of you if you are using the phrase this morning. the day planner says dense fog right now and hazy conditions into the afternoon. temperatures in the '60s. as we head into tonight partly cloudy skies back into the 50s. a cool afternoon on tap for tomorrow and plenty of cloud cover at another system that
7:33 am
could bring wet weather to the bay area. the full look at that and what to expect it to the weekend coming up and my next report. >> the best way to tell the story is looking at the bridge cameras that we have here. a quick bridge check tells the story. slow traffic and fall. the bay bridge had early activation of the delights. drive times are running on average 20 to 22 minutes. the san mateo braves and is looking at very dense and heavy fog westbound. 18 to 20 minutes drive times for the west found commute. the golden gate bridge is a little heavier now than usual. southbound traffic is creeping along. is this the entire length of the span. >> we descend to the beginning of the bay bridge toll plaza and they westbound direction. this is the middle of your newborn island and kron4 is yoli is
7:34 am
there. >> i know you're thinking what a pretty little wire there. you should be saying pass that. you cannot see anything. it has been really thick and the last hour. about an hour ago you could see at least a couple of lights going into the tunnel. now you cannot see that. imagine with in the tunnel is pretty thick. it easily fans out in that area but you cannot see the cars going through there. be aware, i know bay area people know how to drive in the fall was still dry with caution. >> this is bay area whilide. >> the san jose man of great wanted for a gang-related murder was arrested in the
7:35 am
middle of black friday shopping very 18 year-old jacob are always taken into custody at a wal-mart. santa clara probation officer and had seen him and recognized and in the middle of the crowd. he called the police in the can and arrested him on an outstanding warrant for the murder of a 16 year- old back on may 26th. >> 30 say to the children were among four people killed when a car collided with the minivan on highway 50 saturday. the chp says the accident occurred when the toyota pre is crossed the center line near placerville and struck the mini van had gone. authorities are telling us three people in the press were killed and have been identified as a 35 year-old a 34 year-old and an eight year old. call from oakland. another child in the car was injured in house allies. there is also for your a
7:36 am
narrow friday in the minivan that died from her injuries at the hospital. three other people were also injured. >> the idea to build a 555 bed hospital was on the brink of collapse after the mayor of port of supervisors. st. luke's there is an aid low-income residents. they're considering expanding sales of hospital because they believe they can attract more affluent patients as well. border patrol agents have seen that nearly a ton of marijuana and arrested two men at a san diego county beach. the agents spotted the man sitting in a trust from 345 yesterday morning. they said the men look suspicious so the agents approached and saw several bales of pot city and one of the drugs. other bills were at the gate near the beach
7:37 am
entrances and retired under a pedestrian bridge as well. the men were waiting for someone to come and pick them up. the time is now 7368 am and we will be back as we continue our live team coverage of the fall. a live look sfo, we will be right back. have a good night. here you go. you, too.
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>> added the up your christmas tree at? they did at the white house. we are looking live at the lawn of the u.s. capitol. there about the voice of the capitol christmas tree. they have been putting a live tree out in the long and there is a web site dedicated to this christmas tree. capitol christmas tree 2012 .com. >> it is cyber monday and bargains are heating up on line this morning. internet retailers try to help jump- start the holiday shopping
7:41 am
season. it is estimated that this year cyber monday will be the basis online shopping day of the year. third year in a row, spending could be as much as 20% from last year. we were curious to see who skipped the black friday lions and waited until today to shop online. kron4 facebook agent says that black friday and cyber monday are like hallmark holidays. some feel obligated and get ou caught up in the high. jamie says i did all of my shopping before the thanksgiving and ordered everything from at sea. we need personalized gifts from personalized vendors and quite frankly everything was a steal for the quality of work. >> that is a great web site. >> we will take a break here is a live look at the golden
7:42 am
gate bridge. there is fog, there has been all morning long. same scenario as the bay bridge approach. the morning commute is slowing down as a result. don't forget you can cash in on the dr. phil at 10:00. today's episode is called the ultimate freeloaders. a couple blocks of their newly renovated house only to find out that squatters had moved into their own home and are refusing to leave. how can they get rid of him? don't mess doctor fell after the kron4 morning as.
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>> black friday as in the rearview mirror this holiday shopping season. cyber monday is just beginning and shoppers are taking advantage of those deals on line by storm. i live look outside of the bay bridge toll plaza, fog is really bad out there. >> even though it is getting brighter, the visibility is still down near zero. >> we have been fog advisory in effect for the next hour and 15 minutes. do not be surprised if ec fob pass the 9:00 hour. allow yourself extra time as you head out of the door. storm tracker 4 shows this hour, fog pretty much everywhere. not too bad and the livermore valley. it looks like it is a little better there. pushing the
7:46 am
clock until 9:00 you can see some slight improvement as the fog is kind of shallow. 60s in the afternoon pretty much everywhere. 65 n. sunnyvale and cupertino is check 64 degrees. a very similar story in the east bay. 64 and concord in danville. the north bay really depends on the fall. if it sticks around longer we will only get into the upper 50s if it's are still clear we will see some low 60s. 56 for the city 61 in oakland. satellite and radar showing a lot of cloud cover had and our way. we have an area of low pressure, relatively slwide. tuesday heading into wednesday we will continue to see multiple storms as we wrap up the work week. saturday and sunday look to
7:47 am
the of what one around the bay area. 7:46 a.m., on to traffic with george. >> we continue to monitor a very foggy bay area. speeds are down the drive times and not unusually high. i want to take you to update the situation here with bart. they are still talking about the place. they have been single tracking on the giants leading through pleasant hill towards walnut creek. this is because of the disabled train on the track. that timmy a direction is being slowed. 10 to 15 minutes. also on the same location on the freeway at developing hot spot. 680 southbound at highway 24. it is backing up the traffic all the way up to 42 on 680 southbound. the
7:48 am
drive time are now steadily increasing on the bay bridge as we cyclo slow traffic through the macarthur maze from west on highway 24 and the drive time is about 22 minutes. the san mateo bridge it right is very heavy as you can see westbound 18 to 20 minutes drive times. the golden gate bridge is still foggy here although the drive times and iran are not that bad. traffic is light is most of the land of the drive. >> good morning very. the 49 hours when and select on to the rams' next. >> the gayes >> everybody knows that cabernet was great and obviously harbaugh is not saying anything. is he still annoyed with the media? why doesn't he just cannot say something?
7:49 am
>> here is the faint, i do not like coaches that talk down to people. you are coaching football, you know what i mean. if you are saving someone's life in your in the middle of open- heart surgery and the media wants to talk to you, fine. who is by a black quarterback and game? maybe he is doing this, i will given the benefit of the doubt and show him that this is still a factor. instead of just saying its capper neck and just totally disregards math, maybe that that's what this is about. >> as of this kind of better and canada had a for the team -- kind of a headache for the teeeam. >> i can tell you are ready
7:50 am
shifted into camp. >> harbaugh and these guys act like there's a controversy. why don't you just come out and say it? we don't think the teams are going to prepare for smith? >> the players knew. they knew after the first game. it is probably going to be taken injury to get some of back and there. cabernet is better than alex smith. >> let's say smith is standing on the sidelines and about his future. he is not going to want to be on the bench next year. does he go to the raiders? >> that is one of those deals, less is a cap and a guitar and i can tell and smith gets back in their. i agree with you on harbaugh.
7:51 am
when you when no one cares about anything else. that is you and me talking but as far as the fans this and that if you lose ben jim harbaugh, what the hell is he doing. if he wins then he is a mad genius. >> let's shift over to college. stamford one and now they play again with a rematch with at ucla. >> that is a darn good team. i watched david shot and he is going to get some pro if not offers the very least they will start sending around saying with this guy be interested in coaching of the next level? they're really good at stanford. >> 25 and is in more than 20 years.
7:52 am
>> the coach down there mcintyre i think he is going at the very least interview if he is interested in that cal job. that would be a natural progression. he knows the bay area and it will be a step up for him. >> people get upset as a notre and seven motor and a lot of people in the airline that's how it goes. >> everybody compliance all this bc as the they have to play in the playoffs. the c.s. is made a pretty exciting to. he is still have to, george is going to play florida. will see what happens there for the-i may
7:53 am
not florida, alabama. >> i am in the north freezing my buns off at carnegie deli. i meet a stranger next to me because everyone is this close. i like she's not going the east the pickle. i asked her where you from? she said wisconsin. i said keep the pickle. they said they were going to the new york giants game. they go to the games and these big cold weather suits. >> last night they beat green bay at pretty bad. these >> these guys travel from wisconsin and they got beat pretty bad. we are showing they could win. >> does your mom still living can navigate? >> yes i have a lot of people. >> how was your travel? >> very nice
7:54 am
>> did you get all of that clean up >> yes it was very nice. and you for a thanksgiving? >> i love myself in the room and watched football. >> i did not watch any football. >> if that is a wonder. >> i am a jew, a wandering jew. we will be right back.
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the coming of the holiday shopping scene at season is officially under way. cyber monday is on tap. if you are shopping during cyber monday we will show you some of the holiday toy guess that are the hot ones. also a fog and ivory for most of the bay area causing delays that s f o. we will have the details
7:58 am
on your commute coming up.
7:59 am
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news the line that is for joining us. at this fog bay area wide. traffic is at a crawl at the bay area bridge with visibility to near zero on the back. jackie sissel is live, checking delays in sfo. >> it is starting to have the facts out here. there on what they call a brown hold. traffic is backing up as far as flights ago. -- ground hold a there's probably a dozen are some flights that have been delayed. you can see that they're waiting for the aircraft to come in. the arrivals right now are
8:01 am
delayed summer between 25 minutes an hour and a half. that may go up as the day goes on because the are arriving flights are delayed. this means sooner than later it will have an effect on all of the departing flights. right now probably a dozen plastic flights right now affected due to the weather. it will get probably a little worse before it gets better. if you're traveling today the best thing you can do is call ahead and make sure your flight is not affected. it may be affected, you will definitely have to check. every airline here in sfo, call ahead before you come to the airport today. >> of the runways are too close together so they have to stagger the flights to land. >> you do not want to be too close together with the car and weather like this. it is hard to see. >> especially the north bay where visibility is zero.
8:02 am
now about out is not the only area seeing zero. interstate 83 fairfield, i have monday and highway one theory has and is on the highway. we have not seen fog descends in quite some time. we have a dense fog and advisory in effect for the san francisco bay, the north bay the cards in a straight and the interior valleys that will expire at 9:00 this morning. we will see some fog around the bay area. into the afternoon on most locations will apply to the '60s. we will see a mix of sun and clouds and partly cloudy conditions as we transition into the evening. rain is on the way. full details on what to expect coming up in my next report. >> try the hot spot on interstate 680 southbound the right into walnut creek. we have two separate accidents one of the 24 interchange and another at south main street. both reported clear to the shoulder but it has backed
8:03 am
up the ride on to 242. heavy traffic into the san ramon valley. one crash tabasco the other end greenough at 580 westbound. the drive time is at about 58 minutes in the westbound direction as yet from the alta not passed to the dublin entertains. >> elite is at your boy island. >> the fog is holding strong and as a o'clock hour. you should be able to cbs turf. you can see some trees in the foreground there and some wire. just as bad as ashley lanes going right into the tunnel. a couple hours ago you could see the headlights but you cannot see them right now. just to be very careful when you are crossing the bridge. you really probably can't
8:04 am
see a couple of cars ahead of you. >> on a shopping experts estimate there will be the biggest on-line shopping day of the year for the third straight time, it is cyber monday. they're estimating americans will spend $1.5 billion just today on line. that is a 20% increase from last year. amazon .com started sire made deals at midnight is offering as much as 60% off of panasonic tv's. kmart is taking 75 percent of diamond earrings. $13.7 billion have been spent on line so far this holiday season. that is a 16% increase from last year. the cease-fire appears to be holding between gaza and israel. the two sides are meeting with egyptian officials today to discuss possibly opening of border crossings. an easing the economic blockade and gaza. with the couple secretary of state pillared clinton.
8:05 am
league, still a sense fired it rockets into israel and israel retaliated with rocket and air strikes. unless more than 160 palestinians and six israelis dead. >> it is at 04 a.m. and this would be even the mood. we have a look at the nation's capital and the nation's christmas tree. they are raising, they just called and you can see it outside the capitol building in washington d.c.. it's just reminded me did you get your free @? did you set it up? will be right back.
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8:08 am
>> then saw the advisory very low visibility bay area wide. sen rose in about an fairfield showing visibility near zero, same for have monday. >> a quick check of the markets we're seeing trading down right now. the dow was off about 93 points 12,916. the nasdaq trading-despite the fact we have a great retail we can. according to the national retail nearly
8:09 am
200 million people visited stores which is up 9.2% from last year. you a thing going ended trading there be positive news but this morning the national economic council said that if the fiscal cliff comes to pass at the end of the year we will see a sudden increase in taxes from the middle class. trade is falling back in just a little bit. uc we are down for the day. we will track the numbers and see when they go from this point. >> there is a new national poll suggesting that merritt americans understand the physical plant is nothing to evoke a joke about. the u.s. would face a crisis our major problem with the c country one of the fiscal cliff. one and seven and 10 americans are calling for a
8:10 am
compromise. >> l'oreal is buying the edgy in private on make a blind urban decay. the deal is estimated to be worth $300 million. they say represents 40 percent of the luxury make up market in the u.s.. urban decay is sold through special retailers such as so for an online. san francisco general hospital announcing they're looking to recover $1.2 million in reimbursements from the l.a. dodgers. this is over brain trauma care than provided giants fan brian stowe. so when his family are also suing the same over lack of security dealing with the assault. style has been transferred
8:11 am
to mental care facility and now has the capacity of a 12 year-old. >> let's go back live to washington d.c. to get a look at that tree. this is for the u.s. capital that is wise and in front there. it is 65 ft. tall. there hoisting and up, it just came in from colorado this morning. >> you only get five work weeks worth of christmas tree. >> could the menorah up, did the tree up. there is one in union square.
8:12 am
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stronger, bigger, or hotter -- with the keurig vue.
8:14 am
>> we are tracking some hot spots in the south bay where a car fire shut down the connecting ramp from southbound to 80 to northbound 80. that is not typically considered a commute direction but it is drafting backing up the traffic here. it is affecting northbound 17 traffic coming up out of los gatos and trying to connect up with a 80 northbound. we continue to attract major delays 4680 southbound. another hot spot, there to accidents near the walnut creek interchange. one before and one after it.
8:15 am
traffic is still slow here. the back of still reaches nearly to highway for. we continue to have major delays on 580 westbound. we of a pair of late accidents at green build and vassal robes low and the ride there. the bridges have been fairly heavy and foggy this morning and we are backed up into the macarthur maze for the westbound bay bridge drive. 22 to 24 minutes. 20 minutes drive times have been the norm but in the last hour of this and the sale bridge conditions aren't in a rapidly improving. the building a bridge is still sluggish and foggy. both in the way across the span especially from the south tower. >> the dense fog advisory expires in the next 45 minutes. i do not think this fog is going anywhere anytime soon. we will see hazy conditions even into the afternoon. a live look former james lick freeway camera shows visibility is
8:16 am
down to zero for most of the north bay. highway 1 01 s priced as seven stories for anisette 80 for fairfield. not too much fog is of about for livermore stretching out for concord but the rest of the bay area is really foggy. fog is for it everywhere. least to see a clear pocket out in the livermore valley. we'll see a breakup as we head into the next hour. as we transition into the afternoon lot of the fall pulls back very temperatures right now in the cooler side and no longer in the '30's. santa rosa 40 degrees 41 for now above 30 into the afternoon your highs of the cooler than we saw this weekend. we could be holding onto the upper 50s for san rafael, 56 in san francisco, los 60s for concord oakland. 65 year after a high of sunnyvale and we have fog
8:17 am
today but a lot of different weather changes to talk about. it is going to have been will see the winds pick up ahead of the system. we could see a short-term wind advisory. also an area of low pressure is glenn to drive down from the north pacific. with that gusty winds will continue in periods of heavy rain. we can't wednesday could be a messy commute. we will continue to see showers into thursday. often on trade conditions for friday saturday and sunday. he will need an umbrella handy. the extended models showed we could be in excess of 15 in. of rain for the north bay with the system. i will have more details on what to expect coming up in just a bit. >> a live look at sfo this morning as we continue to follow the fog there. also the number of travelers that passes airport. yesterday was up from previous years. let's talk about people coming home for the
8:18 am
thanksgiving holiday. the long lines yesterday as people were returning from their thanksgiving holiday. travelers we spoke to said they knew it was going to be difficult and there were be delays. the airport telling us they estimate 1.2 million travelers that flu for s f of the holiday weekend. 130,000 travelers have sfo yesterday along. >> the u.s. supreme court will be convened behind closed doors this friday. they will decide whether and how to weigh in on same-sex marriages. the high court could decide whether to rule once and for all on california's prop. 8. the two dozen a better for a ban on same-sex marriage. it could choose to hear eight other cases that challenged a 1996 defense of marriage act. the federal law that bars federal benefits to same-sex couples. the heading on how far the court knows they could end of legalizing gay marriage nationwide, and it nationwide, or not hear any
8:19 am
of the cases. and let it be decided on a state-by-state basis. >> the source of the town of monoxide that send people to the hospital has still not been find out this morning. san francisco firefighter judiciaries gone into a carbon monoxide alarms that one off at a home on this one a block of cortland avenue of the bay shore. the people inside were complaining of headaches and sore throats. they sent an haz mat crew and scanned the with carbon monoxide detectors but were unable to find the source. it was a deadly holiday weekend in oakland, 4 people were shot and killed since friday. the latest half and the 6:00 yesterday morning in east oakland. 2 women were shot and killed near havana and brookdale avenues. the day before an 18 year-old mother and a 19 year-old man were shot and killed. they have not made any arrests in either of the shootings. together that pushes a number of homicides in oakland this year to 150.
8:20 am
>> a deadly holiday week and on the road. more fatal accidents but fluor the irs compared to last year. >> this is all that is left after this be in dubious land to the back of a big rig killing the driver. the crash happened sunday morning along interstate 80 near the coming skyway exit on carpet. friday and other deadly accident took the lives of two sisters after the suvs their writing and slammed into the back of the chp car parked on the shoulder near the end are the there off ramp. they've given holiday statistics statistics that and 10 were fatal car crashes statewide compared to last year. five of the deadly collisions, six of the victims were red from the bay area. >> we do not know why those fatalities are up. we know that 13 were the result of
8:21 am
unbelted passengers and or drivers. two or motorcycle collections. >> so far 220 people have been arrested in the bay area for the you highs. slightly lower than last year. the chp arrested 140 fewer people, 1210 compared to last year's number of 1350. these are all just preliminary numbers, chp will not release the official total until sometime this week. >> chp officers are still looking for the driver who hit and killed a woman on highway 1 01 there sfo on saturday night. according to san mateo corneille's offers the woman was walking on the freeway when she was hit around 830. several other vehicles also struck the woman and she was found dead at the same. investigators did not know what lane the first driver was an or how fast you're going when they hit the woman.
8:22 am
>> officers responded to a shooting on the 2200 block of addison avenue around 815 they found a 49 year-old man they're suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. police believe he was approached by one or more suspects and shot while sitting in his parked vehicle. no arrests have been made. >> the time is now a 20 1:00 a.m. and we will be back with more as we continue to kron4 morning news. this is a tree outside our nation's capital in washington d.c.. you can see them hoisting it out, it is 65 ft.. how they use your free @ home? this is a big one. --tree we will be right back.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
among trucking a soft a hot spot, a car fire has closed a connecting ramp from the 280 southbound and northbound 880. this is especially slow in the northbound 17 ride coming about of campbell. is also effective in northbound right out of los gatos and the southbound to 80 traffic and heavy now approaching the 880 interchange. >> the u.s. and russia have named the two men that will spend one year aboard the international space station in the spring of 2015. nasa astronauts got palais in the
8:26 am
adjoining russian astronauts. they will use the data to collect about net missions around the moon. that has several licenses based lobbying more than 180 days in space. both men will begin trading for the mission early next year. >> 8:25 a.m. and authorities in florida and investigated the cayley and indeed death say they overlooked a boo will surge in that case. our county sheriff deputies say they're sure they're computer investigator missed a search that was done for a " foolproof suffocation mafic ". the search was typed and but there was no proof as to who tied and that search. it was pride may leprimarily used by k the ad finney's mom casey anthony. >> according to manhattan
8:27 am
u.s. attorney's office matthew a town of received sigrid advance results from head to us from that alzheimer's disease medication. he is the information to each make $276 million. it may be the most lucrative insider trading scheme ever. >> it is fiber monday and bargains are heating up on line this morning. in internet retailers are trying to help jump-start the holidays that shopping season. it is estimated that this year cyber monday will be the biggest on-line shopping day of the year. for the third year in a row. spending could be of as much as 20% from last year. if which websites are offering some of the best deals today? express everything on -40% off. including free shipping and use code 2449 for an additional 50 bucks off. lands and the 30% off of everything shipping is free on monday arcing
8:28 am
company 50 to 70% off and you get $25 off your order of $45 and more if use the code 3580. old navy and banana republic are also offering 30 percent of your entire purchase. coles is offering 20 percent of your entire purchase and free shipping. also $80 off the kitchen a classic foreign halfcourt stan mixer. you generally want to wait as much as you can for a specific item but a new toy website call the yo-yo is offering 40% off any one item. a radio on amazon .com, 10% off select beats by dr. gray and close friend and phones. these are premium items that rarely go on sale. they are probably on quite a few wish list. kron4 attack reporter dave slate has the cyber monday deals on electronics later this hour. the time is no 928 we
8:29 am
back. ♪
8:30 am
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8:31 am
>> watches traffic hotspot >> this is in the south bay the connecting ramp from south found to 80s in northbound 80. not usually considered the company's new direction and it really isn't it did manage to try and tie up commute traffic. a lot of this traffic got stalled as well. no. 280 on 2880. the good news is the ramp is open and the fire is extinguished and all lanes have been reopened. they spent the traffic will be getting back to normal pretty quickly. the good news is for the rest of the south bay that 280 northbound ride was not bad and all. it is still heavy getting into cupertino for the last stretch out their toward highway 85.
8:32 am
>> we have our team coverage of the weather and the traffic whether you're going by car or plane. jackie sissel has more news from sfo. >> it looks like it was unclear of there for a couple of minutes but then another bank of fog rolled in. the fog is have the here and then deciding to have effect on travel out of us as of. they are on what they call a ground hold right now. this affects mostly incoming flights but that will have a ripple effect on all flights. the united terminal about half an hour ago you can see they're starting to light up with the leas. a dozen or more flights right now that are delay. some are even canceled because of the heavy fog out of sfo. somewhere between 45 minutes to a couple of hours at this point. some of the flights completely canceled because of the weather. had
8:33 am
a chance to talk to one traveler who had been, chris face getting break up and get home from school today. >> i have a flight supposedly at 823 but it got canceled because of the weather. right now the next flight to santa barbara is at like 10:00 p.m.. i need to be a class by 2:00 p.m. today. >> because of the fog? >> yes because of the fog. crazy. i do not know what to do. >> not a lot of canceled flights but a lot of delayed flights coming in and out. if you're going to be traveling obviously check the board before you get here and find out that your flight is going to be two or three hours delayed.e flights do two and have three hours before this morning is over.
8:34 am
>> oakland is another story and right now this morning in oakland until 930. the fog is pretty widespread >> the dense fog advisory is set to expire at 9 this morning. we are seeing the ripple effects over at the airport. i would not be surprised if this fog hangs on and to the early afternoon. visibility is down to zero for santa rosa and and i know. as we take a look at your day planner at looks like once we get rid of the fog and hazy sunshine afternoon and store. temperatures will be in the '60s. partly cloudy conditions and into tomorrow clouding over. we'll have a full, to expect with the rain coming up in my next report. >> yoli is there your boy island watching the traffic
8:35 am
at the tunnel just past the asked serve. >> you cannot see anything and i was about the state is the site improving? i could see a couple of lanes but forget about it. the fog came back again. is really thick here. this is actually a picture of the s curve. he should be able to see at thought maybe above the bushes but the cars are just going into the tunnel. they're still holding strong near the bay bridge and so be careful what you are crossing it. >> we'll keep updating view of the problems of the airports because of the fog. >> a san jose man wanted for a gang-related murder has been arrested. he was nabbed in a little shopping on black friday. 18 year-old jacob are always taken into custody on friday while he was at wal-mart on a conference plaza and morgan hill. she was a santa clara probation officer who is seen a fire and recognized
8:36 am
him and call the police. -- fly herer >> two children were among the people killed when a car collided with a minivan on highway 50 on saturday. chp says the wreck occurred when the toyota pre us cross the center line near placerville striking at the minivan. the three people in the pre as were killed and were identified as a 38 year old a 39 year-old and an eight year old. often oakland. another child in the car was hospitalized. the four year-old girl riding in the minivan later died at the hospital. three other people were also injured in this terrible wreck. >> the idea to build a 555 bed hospital was on the brink of collapse after the mayor and board of
8:37 am
supervisors asked to keep open st. luke's hospital. st. louis harris many low income residents. they also considered expanding the st. luke's hospital because they believe they can attract more affluent patients. >> the world series champion semblances the giants set a record with their post season payout. a full post season share for the giants was worth, a drum roll please, a record $377,000. that breaks the marked the 2006 st. louis cardinals and the first year of expansion of the playoffs from eight teams to attend. the players' pool was a record 651 $5 million. the previous record was 59.1. the giants split between half and half million dollar potpi.
8:38 am
it is 837 a m and we will take a quick break and be more headlines coming up in just a minute. uz
8:39 am
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>> and killing of the efforts of parents went through the snag to man that to light.just like their p,
8:41 am
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8:42 am
across retailers. ties are rest expanded its after the holidays and even search for stores and the nearby area. if not her dad's high levels of toy on target shelves while a little one is and how they can keep the surprise under wraps by scanning of bar code on the box and ordering online. you are now click then. >> a quick break as the kron4 morning news continues. we track the thick fog around the bay area, a little sunshine and break through now. we're talking about ground stops that s f o the oakland airport because of the fog.
8:43 am
8:44 am
8:45 am
>> the cease-fire is holding between gaza and israel. the two sides are meeting with egyptian officials today. they'll be talking about possibly opening the border crossings and easing of israel's economic blockade of thousand. the conflict
8:46 am
started when hon moss militants fired rockets and rockets into israel and israel responded with a rocket fire attacks. today is the biggest hit shopping day of the year for the third straight time thanks to a cyber monday. americans will spend $1.5 billion today, up 20% from last year. a thick fog is blanketing the bay area this morning making it hard to drive. league and see live shot of the slow traffic on the golden gate bridge. also ground holds on the air traffic at san francisco and oakland international airport today. >> the fog is starting to left, it wasn't that bad of the golden gate bridge. the good news is we can certainly seized cars on the freeway. we have not made any improvement in santa rosa and nevada. visibility is still down to zero there. concord is now under that
8:47 am
fog as well. the drive with extra caution as the 880 corridor. pretense of a mile for hayward and oakland. the dense fog advisory issued by the national advisory service act expires at 9. we have already seen that the ripple effects at the airport. accidents associated with the fog as well. this fall for the north bay interior valleys stretching down to the sand francisco bay all the way up to the car came in straight. along with the fog we are contending with it is a cold start to the morning. i saw some 30 is in the north bay, not the case anymore. if the temperature started to climb. downtown san francisco's 51 degrees, 45 of the door in san jose. no reason to the afternoon the temperature is are dependent on the fog. if it lists soon enough we will see some ed 60s. if it sticks around will be in the upper 50s closer to the coast. and the south bay we're looking for 64 degrees and cupertino.
8:48 am
we'll see hazy conditions and the east bay what i creek at 61, 62 in castro valley. the north bay forecast upper 50s here. 56 for downtown san francisco. 7 day around the bay forecast shows cloudy conditions on tap for tomorrow. this is all i had a low pressure system that is going to impact the bay area. future cast 4:02 a.m. wednesday a lot of folks will be sleeping we will see an increasing cloud cover. when conditions will pick up and we can see a when the advisory issued right ahead of the system. we will encounter multiple storms as we finish of the workweek. steady rain on tap for saturday and sunday. my advice is given in the handy. their shows and access and 15 in. of rain for the north bay.
8:49 am
>> we're looking at some slow traffic for the ride on 58880 here in the westbound direction 4580. the north founder action pour 880. the earlier accident occurred and of 580 westbound is clear but still slow there. you conceive from nearly castro valley wide. hot spots and cleared out as well as 680 southbound. a look of the bridges, the bay bridge is still a pretty solid backup. 22 to 24 minutes drive time here. we had seen 22 minutes drive times of the san mateo bridge that has changed dramatically. 15 minutes and last for the westbound 92 ride. the golden gate bridge ride a still sluggish from the south tower and make it this ban as you head down to the pay gates we're near the peak of the flow for the southbound 1 01 ride. >> president obama has named
8:50 am
ellis' walter as sec chairman after the departures of mary schapiro from the pose. shapiros' resignation is effective december 14th. the residents said that elsie walters years of experience will serve her well and three years. she served as acting chairman during january 2009. not sure how the markets will react to that is what the dow is still negative this morning. >> a lot of us waiting of the dozens of new in else this morning from companies asking you to go there website and chop away. secretary gabe slate has great deals in cash and today. >> the as online shopping day of the year. cyber monday as expected this sadness sales records. retailers are offering huge discounts to larry to shot from your computer this monday. for every site will be offering free shipping. you can count where every
8:51 am
shop on monday. some of the best deals i found for cyber monday, wal-mart is selling a free and scepter lcd tv for $250. also a 32 in. model for $180. the ipad 2 office $380, that is $20 off. the x box 36 the family fun bundle is $159. that is free that. ebay the electronic stores offering a wife i connected samsung smart 16.1 mb of a digital camera for $130. that is down from 200. kmart is going all out they are slashing their prices of diamond earrings by 75 percent. all they're free like christmas trees will be half off. a 50¢ are see a lcd tv for $500. a 39 as pro scan lcd for $300. a 15 and
8:52 am
as it is high and laptop for just $300. a treadmill for under a hundred dollars. k mart will be selling a west los treadmill for $90. coles will be $15 gift cards for every $50 you spend on their website. the college cold cash but it is cold-cars. here's a tip there is an official cyber monday twitter account at cyber monday. if you follow that through twitter it will keep you informed of up to the minute deals. the love with their shopping. the good luck with your shopping >> alex that is out with a concussion, he may never come back. the wake africa's plan. kathryn and ross for a touchdown in the game. live for and has with 2 interceptions returned for
8:53 am
touchdowns and a 131 to 21. it will take on the rams' next sunday in the morning. the raiders to gun the bengals in cincinnati. the quarterback sacks for times. bay hills route 21 nothing in this game and never looked back. there is a big fight towards the end of the dead and three players were ejected. they gave up a hundred and 69 points in four consecutive losses. they will be hosting the cleveland browns of the zero dacko coliseum the sunday. the san jose state spartans made their debut this week. they checked in at no. 25. the spartans beat louisiana tech 53 of 43 on saturday. there 10 into this season and five and one in the western athletic conference. is the first time since 1990 that they have been nationally ranked. they beat ucla over the weekend and play again for the pact 12
8:54 am
title game this friday as and for a stadium at 5. >> the time is now 853 a and and we'll be back in a few minutes. i to the kron4 morning news again cast dr. phil at 10:00 this morning. the topic is the also have three levels appear -- street lettefree loaders.
8:55 am
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van market headed for christmas at the nation's capital they have the christmas trees this morning from colorado. the tradition only six the mid- 1960s. the speaker of the house at the time brought his christmas tree, all i want it live for three years. it sounds like a
8:58 am
hanukkah tale. >> coming up a thick blanket of fog continues to cover the bay area. we will be back in just a couple of minutes. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t. [ male announcer ] it's no secret that the price of things
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(male announcer) live from the bay area here is your kron 4 news thick fog out on the roadways and at the bay area airports as well. jackie sissel one of our live reporters at sfo. >> brown stop here at as f o airport. it is starting to really affect traffic in and out of sfo. the united termer all had more than a dozen of flights affected by this ground hold. most of the arriving flights will have a delay. it will have a
9:01 am
ripple effect and you'll start seeing delays on both sides. departures as well as our rivals. we have about a dozen flights just in united km most of those delays are between the an hour plus. and our maybe two and a half to three hours. right now we are in the heart of it. they spake as a day goes on the fall breaks out that some of these delays will be lessened a little bit. there were some flights canceled. you'll have to check with your carrier. things have gotten worse as the morning goes on but we hope that as it continues we will start the season of this lesson. >> this is the time that the fog is supposed to be lifting but the fog never magically less at that hour 9930 like it is supposed to. you can see >> you then see fog along
9:02 am
the golden gate bridge. take a live look of the golden gate bridge is still pretty fog and there. a dense fog and advisory for the media bay area has lifted but there are still areas south of us were that dense fog advisory is still in effect this morning. the fog should be mixing out by the afternoon hours. visibility, you concede nothing especially in parts of the north bay. santa rosa and about is down to zero visibility. as f o is is one-tenth half moon bay is down to zero. oakland 3 tents and visibility. the entire bay area is still looking at lots of fog for this morning. hayward, brentwood city concord fairfield you're looking at 0 visibility hal. by this afternoon the fog to be mixing out and we will see lots of sunshine for the afternoon. tomorrow we will
9:03 am
start the season changes. first the increasing cloud cover as the cold front comes through. temperatures are still on the cool side. we're looking at some rain coming through this way for wednesday thursday and friday. potentially into your weekend. more on your forecast but first tier is george with traffic. >> a reported problem and potential hot spot in iran. and multicar release several car accident at surf and to sag boulevard. it has a vote of the right-hand shoulder. is a little sluggish pass the scene, were no injuries of that the accident. we could get out of this quickly without any additional back up. this could tie up the ride coming out of san rafael with the traffic coming off the richmond san roof fell bridge. >> it comes in taos,
9:04 am
sometimes we can see lane markers and the paint on the surface but right now we can see little bit, not very much. >> a little bit of progress but the last two and half hours it was so thick you could not see the cars that just about to go into the tunnel here. you can see it as they out there but you cannot see the towers. it is just so big you cannot see even the newbridge next to it. it is still really thick out there but there's been a little bit of progress out there on the bay bridge. >> you came from the san francisco side, i'm sure that that was fog just as bad. >> yes i can at about for a morning and i was on the upper deck and it was really thick. i could see maybe about four cars ahead of me before they disappeared. it seems like the fog is
9:05 am
hanging in there. it may shock us and be sunny and hour or less but it has happened. right now it is really thick. >> give yourself plenty of time. the yoli, thank you for the update. >> they say today is going to be the biggest on-line shopping day of the year for the third straight year. cyber money in the research firm 10 score estimates americans will spend one and half million dollars today. that is 20 percent more than last year. side amazon .com started amcyber deals at midnight. kmart is taking 75% off all diamond earrings. $13.7 million has been spent on line so far for the holiday season. a lot of people have already been on line and that is up 16 percent over last year
9:06 am
and we had not factored in black friday sales. >> watching the cease-fire and little east is holding between gaza and israel. the two sides are meeting with the egyptian officials today. they're discussing possibly opening border processing. the cease-fire was brokered last week with the help of secretary of hillary clinton. the conflict started when hamas militants fired rockets into israel and israel retaliated with missile and air strike attacks. the complex killed more than 160 palestinians and six israelis. >> it is that a deadly holiday weekend on the rose. more holiday accidents and fewer de you guys on the road compared to last year period. and five of the deadly collisions six of the victims were from the bay
9:07 am
area. >> we do not know why the fatalities are up but we know that 13 of those were the result of unbelted passengers or drivers. two or motorcycle collisions. >> 224 people were arrested for delighting in the bay area and that is slightly lower than last year. --dui 9 06 a.m. and we will be back with more in just a couple of minutes. it is foggy, that is our big story today. this is the james lick and sampras's go. we will be right back.
9:08 am
9:09 am
9:10 am
>> facebook stock is climbing after an analysts is estimating the company's potential to " gross revenue. the analysts is saying that facebook is expected to be expectations the next two years. roughly 9% higher than the average analyst's expectation. he is so confident that is updated facebook stock to outperform from market perform single advertising wilg.
9:11 am
>> black friday get violent amoy near sacramento. they caught the fight on camera. this sea of chaos was a last glance corporate side he would see was shopping with his family of the rose the galleria. >> was ecstatic filing people out his iphone and start recording. what does this say that have been right before this happened. the lead almost hit shoppers. next thing they knew 2 women got into it and then i got into on all of brawl. 2 men versus one. >> to that started punching each other and then they ran are the barriers to punch if something it was pretty crazy. >> i definitely cannot imagine going through with that man was going third. >> video of the fight has been viewed well over 15,000
9:12 am
times on youtube. you could feel the intensity of the fight as it happened. it was something that i felt like i have to document. the intensity lasted 50 minutes before securities that then. possibly just before someone else to the ban hard. >> it could happen anywhere but i think that security should have been beefed up a little bit more during the busy time like that. >> we'll be right back as the kron4 morning news continues. more on cyber monday, yahoo and bynum style are the winners on wall street.
9:13 am
9:14 am
9:15 am
>> today's winners and losers on wall street. we are talking cyber monday with rob black. all-out shopping today. >> this needs to be talked about on some levels. cyber monday was the day they use the internet speed to do your shopping. we'll have at home now. it is starting to shift. post a thanksgiving discounts started weeks ago. a thanksgiving and sales rose 013%. a lot of retailers all doing very big heavy pre black friday type
9:16 am
of deals. macy's has their own black friday app. jack mobile commerce has been unequaled from cyber monday. in a year to we will not even talking about fiber monday. there'll be five days of online traffic versus foot traffic for retailers. >> things are getting earlier and earlier. >> let's talk about the idahand yahoo. stocks went up in three months. they're doing something right over there. >> they say they're doing a lot of cash buybacks with the sale of their own by the chinese company. they're
9:17 am
less pessimistic that the site is going to go down the drain. they see they of the improved revenue and cost reductions, they are going to fire people. . we know that is coming and a lot of people are lowering morale. now they have made a fortune, what they do that money? and >> everyone loves side and they can't get rid of that done in style. >> up youtube is a big winner. larry page talk about the last quarterly or earnings for google and said that, just a bus wedged and get the distribution without doing any work. congratulations this will be the first wealthy part of korea. the attachment revenues you can pay for this on a concert searches for it. this is used for
9:18 am
google. youtube is growing up in this is a huge win. we are sick and tired of it they will happen again and again. >> seen these hits, they are money makers for the artist. >> what he is a south korean exports in no way. >> you can catch a segment this about every morning at 645 and 915. >> 97 seen as the time now and we have coverage of the fog we have been tracking this morning. >> we're still looking at areas of dense fog. here is our roof cam on van ness ave. even see cloudy conditions and still fog deconditions. we do not have a dense fog advisory any more that was lifted at 9 this morning but we are still seen very compromise visibility. including about
9:19 am
know, you're down to three times. you're it down to 02 minutes ago so improvement. sfo was down to one 10th. fairfield concord is still under this fog advisory until now on this afternoon. airport delays have quite a few sfo. averaging more than hour. oakland also looking at no delay right now for outbound flights. we are still looking at and why it's being impacted this morning. fog tracker, a 10:00 you can see some air especially around the bay where we still see some fog. it was third to mix out around the noon hour. a lot of it well probably big south alleged time. ocmakes oute
9:20 am
do see some changes coming this way some of. chilly temperatures out there and once that fog mixes out, lots of sunshine. temperatures to be fairly comfortable considering it is the end of november. this evening party cloudy and winds should be,. current conditions, temperatures are generally in the 40's and '50's. 51 in downtown san francisco 49 for salmon sale 46 for vallejo upper 40's for half monday. satellite and radar shows high pressure is still in control for today. lots of sunshine once that fog mixes out. another system coming through, tomorrow there'll be an increasing clouds to the afternoon. after that we'll see our first round of pretty heavy rain by late tuesday night in the overnight hours into
9:21 am
wednesday morning. and had given wednesday commute and we will see some pretty heavy rain and gusty conditions to finish off the week. potentially into your weekend as well. highs for today's 62 and on new 64 for seven clara san jose's 63 palo alto lower 60s cupertino you should get to around 64 degrees. east bay lower 60s for alameda san leandro 61 walnut creek lower 60s pushing close in their mid-60s for bandeau pleasanton and livermore. for our friends of the north bay, temperatures are a little cooler. upper 50s first-ever fells 58 for and about napa as lucky as 61 degrees, ocean beach 59, downtown san francisco temperatures are in the mid- 50s. 7 day around the bay forecast today was the fog makes is out lots of sunshine highs around mid- 60s in land. tuesday an increasing cloudy conditions. save drive but
9:22 am
the clouds of the and the increase. tuesday night and wednesday morning we're looking at some rain. thursday friday more rain the north bay may get more than 8 in. in some spots. by the time this system is said and done by friday and here we can we are looking to be unsettled. it is 9218 and here's traffic with george. >> then ran commute at a multicar crash southbound after france's trade. a clear pretty quickly and so has the traffic coming down from central san a foul. considering passage abroad turn off and down towards the golden gate bridge. what had been a hot spot was the ride on the interne interstate the bay area bridges are improving as well. the fog is not nearly as bad now at
9:23 am
the toll plaza. westbound we're beginning to see the end of the back of on the 880 approach. the drive times are 13 minutes if you come from the east shore freeway. nine minutes if you come from interstate 880. 20 minutes if you come from the macarthur maze or from highway 24. sam is there bridge ride back down to a 11 to 14 minutes. no problems but sluggish trend traffic over the high-rise. >> we will be right back as the kron4 morning as continues. in checking conditions which are certainly clear here in san jose. visibility is greatly improved in san jose as one the better spot today for weather. we're seeing a bit of a back up traffic wise to get through the metering lights to get to 1 01 northbound.
9:24 am
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
and on black friday broke shopping records and this cyber monday is also expected to break records. >> if you are not one of the 247 million shoppers of the national retail federation says his stores this weekend, there's still time to get bargains. today a cyber monday. the day online retailers have been holding a poster thanksgiving sale since 2005. technology has been a game changers. >> they used to be that we have to work on monday after thanksgiving and holiday and we had access to high-speed internet. that is where the deals were. now that is completely changed. >> and now people have good online access at home as well as mobile devices that let them shop anywhere. some
9:28 am
started their deals early. one data firm expected sales to be about one-half billion dollars. that is a small fraction of the nearly $60 billion spent in stores this weekend. as a big enough drop for cracks according to and on my security expert. >> crux are creating fake retail sites. their ball around gift cards. --crooks >> make sure your sides are secured by using an http any web address. >> we will be back with more on this id cyber monday on the kron4 morning is. sunshine is trying to peek through that big cap of fog hanging over severance us go. we will be right back.
9:29 am
9:30 am
9:31 am
>> jackie sissel is live at sfo >> you can see the fog is still here sfo. it is not as heavy as it has been. you're looking at the control tower but as you said it is still in control better ground stop at sfo. it means an incoming flights are mostly affected. it will have a ripple effect on all flights. some of the hon. and the flights have as much as 2 1/2 to 3 hour delays right now. house at the united terminal a bit ago and a dozen maybe more flights were affected by the weather. as a day goes on that will be alleviated somewhat as the fog lifts out here. some flights were canceled. at a chance to
9:32 am
talk to a student headed back from thanksgiving break and she was out of luck. >> i had a flight that was supposed to be at 823 but that canceled because of the weather. right now the next flight to santa barbara is at 10:00 p.m. i need to be a class by 2:00 p.m. today. >> because of the fog? >> yes because of the fog. it is crazy. i can't believe my flight is canceled, i don't know what to do. >> mostly delays right now. as the morning is going on the fog is letting up a little bit and hopefully we will see this lights get back on schedule relatively sound. the best advice i give you is if you're traveling today on any airline call ahead. collier carrier into the flight is affected.
9:33 am
>> all of that improvement visibility any look at the half moon bay they're looking at visibility down to a mile. we're looking at sfo was down to one tents and visibility. nevada is still at 310. santa rosa still at 0. the event as zero all this morning. napa visibility is a half a mile. further ease sacramento, interstate 80 fairfield concord is down zero visibility. does the cell and an odd advisory until about the noon hour. -- delta san francisco is almost three hours for airport delays. oakland and san jose is looking okay. fog tracker at 10:00 we see some areas of fog and the
9:34 am
closer you are to the water. it is setting makes out especially by the noon hour. there's a little bit of fog by the water but most areas will eventually see mostly sunny skies. temperatures should be fairly pleasant for this time of year. it looks like we will see the fog lifting between now and the next couple hours. once again through the dense fog we are expecting lots of sunshine for the afternoon. tomorrow we will see clouds increasing and temperatures staying on the cool side. beyond that we're looking at some previous arms coming through. lots of heavy rain and gusty conditions. we'll break down that forecast for you later but first here's george with the traffic. >> the fog is mixing out and the traffic is getting a little bit lighter. we're looking at what had been hot spots on 880 ride in the 580 ride into and through oakland out of san leandro. the improvements hear both of these freeways. there was
9:35 am
an earlier occurring all car fire on the south bay on the connecting route from southbound 280 and northbound 880. that traffic has cleared out. the right onto a northbound 1 01 north had it up towards that a clear looks good. was still sluggish between mountain view and palo alto. >> westbound 80 ride as you head into open from san francisco. looking down the upper deck as traffic flows into the tunnel, the chart picture looks better than last in my talk to you. >> long it has just been fog in. we can finally see be asked turf. it is clearing up as i speak, more and more. there is some progress on the bay bridge. there is still a lot of it fog in some spots so is not completely clear. it is improving.
9:36 am
>> improving is the operative word. >> on a san jose man one of four gang-related murder was arrested. he was arrested in the middle of stopping on black friday. in a tear on jacob taro was taken into custody at wal-mart at cochrane plaza and morgan hill. a probation officer recognized him in the middle of a crowd from a flier and called police. they arrested them for the murder of a 16 year-old on may 26th. san francisco on sutter health are considering and the scaled-down version of a hospital on sutter ave. the hospitals on the brink of collapse after the mayor and the board of supervisors asked them to keep st. luke's hospital open. it serves many low income residents and their considering expanding the house bill because it will most likely attract more more affluent patients. >> so was brutally beaten
9:37 am
by two divers fans in 2011 and march at the opening game of dr. stadium. stella and his family are suing the team for lack of security which led to the assault. doctors say so who has been transferred to private care facilities hasn't left with the mental capacity of a 12 year-old. he was healthy enough to attend the giants world series game last to last month. >> the dow is down off by 98 points at 12,911. >> a quick break as the morning news continues. more fog but it is slowly starting to break up around the bay and in san francisco as well.
9:38 am
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>> lawmakers have just 36 days to sort out the country's financial issues before the dreaded financial fiscal clef. --cliff
9:41 am
>> when you look at the fiscal cliff from far away it looks like a drop. it is more like a staircase. the debt ceiling is how this all began and it is the total amount the government can borrow to meet its existing obligations. we headed at the end of 2012, though the fall can be avoided toe 2013. the treasury department deems that extraordinary measures. in 2011 house republicans refused to raise the debt ceiling. without an agreement the result was a debacle. as a downgrading u.s. credit for the first time in history. without a new deal on january 1st tax hikes will kick and very 661 billion for next year alone and that includes the expiration of the so-called must tax cuts. -- the bush
9:42 am
americans will start to feel those with the first paychecks of the new year arrive. sequester kicks in january 2nd and those cuts amount to $78 billion next year. several companies with government contracts of already pulled back on hiring. some have slowed work. most americans will not truly feel the effects of these sequestered until the middle of next year. layoffs are private sectors and government employees and cut back the services americans were plot rely on. if the threat of physical cliff is flirting with disaster during a fragile economic recovery. >> billionaire warren buffett once the so-called buffett rule to have more peace. buffett says high income individuals need to pay more taxes. he is pushing for a 30% tax rate for those making between one
9:43 am
and $10 million. 35 percent taxes for people making more than that. president obama as me lay their tax rate will keep at 30%. >> we will be back and a few moments.
9:44 am
9:45 am
9:46 am
>> the time is 945 and and monday morning. big story with the weather is the fog. here's a look to your visibility were a lot of folks are still looking at one-tenth of a mile visibility for s f all. oakland improved to 1 mi.. not all end prove to the 10 mi. and visibility. you are just fine. santa rosa is still at zero visibility, napa is improved to 4 mi.. having east sacramento and
9:47 am
down to three tenths of a mile for visibility. the dense fog advisory still in effect for the 17 valley. we're still seeing some areas of free dance fog including redwood city at three tenths of a mile for visibility. our roof cam route over again as avenues is starting to see the fog makes out a little bit as promised. conditions will improve as we get to the early afternoon hours. airport delays, as half of the tough there this morning. the average delay is almost three hours because of the fog and low visibility. fog tracker starting at 10 and we did see some areas especially if you're close to the water by around noontime, one time it will be clearing out. and make way for plenty of sunshine for this afternoon before some big changes come
9:48 am
this way. tomorrow and into your weekend as well. 7 day around the bay forecast shows temperatures still mild for tuesday. tuesday will be dry but increasing allows for the afternoon. wednesday, morning train arriving at a can be heavy at times. mellon had a lot of folks are that wednesday morning commute. thursday and friday it still more rain. gusty conditions in periods of heavy rain. north bay looks like it will be hit the hardest. some places to get more than 8 in. of rain or the weekend. right now looks like the weekend is looking to be unsettled as well. enjoy the dry sunny conditions for this afternoon. the time is 948 a m and here is george with a traffic. >> things are unwinding pretty well here. even the bridges are start to see big improvement now. the bay bridge is the star bay bridgno longer backed up on a
9:49 am
ramp which is why the drive time is down to 18 minutes. out of the macarthur maze the traffic is not backed up to the bay bridge but it is slow through the maze. if you're coming from the east shore freeway is the drive time is still 18 to 20 minutes. excuse me of your coming from 24 in 580. if you're coming from the east shore freeway is a 12 minute break drive time now. we're seeing stop and go conditions sometimes and 22 minutes drive times late in the 7:00 hour. the golden gate bridge has been a nice steady ride all morning long. things are very light in both directions with no delays southbound. >> a big win for the set francisco 49ers and norman's yesterday. colin cabinet made a second straight start and another great game for cabernet. alex smith is still on the bench with a
9:50 am
concussion. the way the cavernous place death may never see another start. he picked up 40 yds year period of two plays later cabinet was on the run and keeps it and score is his fourth rushing touchdown of the season. that is the most by 40-car back in about a decade of the 49 as win 41 is 21. they have the st. louis to take on the rams' next sunday at 10:00 a.m. our time. in cars and paul are sacked four times. he only bypassed for a hundred yards. 21 nothing banquo's and they never looked back. an ugly fourth quarter fight rolled over and the bengals players were ejected from the game after pushing and shoving. raiders lose 34 to 10. they gave up a hundred and 64 points and four straight
9:51 am
losses. they'll be hosting the cleveland browns and the zero dacko coliseum. san jose state making their debut nbc and standings this week. checking and under 25 the spartans beat louisiana tech saturday 5243. san house aides say tends to -- 10 & 2 >> imany of you will go to dozens of e mails asking you to log on and start shopping. >> the biggest on-line shopping day of the year this year is cyber monday. it is expected to set new work sales records. retailers are offering huge discounts to lure you to
9:52 am
shout from your computer this monday. pretty much every site will be offering free shipping. you can count on that every shot on monday. wal-mart is selling a 40 and scepter lcd tv for $250. they are also selling a 32 in. model for $180. they're offering the ipad 2 for $380, $20 off. x box 3 60s highlanders family fun bundle for $159. that is pretty good. ebay the electronics stores offering a wide five connected samsung smart 16.1 mb of digital camera for $130. that is down from 200. k mart has some pretty good deals. they're slashing the price of diamond areas by 75 percent. all of their pre like christmas trees will be half off. a 50¢ are c a l c d tv for $500. a 39 and pro
9:53 am
stand l c b four $300. also a 15 in. app is high and laptop for $300. also a treadmill for was slow tread mill for $90. coles will give you $15 coal gift cards for every $50 you spend on their website. they call a cold cash but it is a gift cards. there is now an official cyber monday twitter account. if you follow that at cyber monday it will keep you informed of up-to-the-minute deals. good luck with your shopping. >> a live look outside any conceived and fog is slowly starting to lift. we will be right back.
9:54 am
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9:57 am
>> coming up in just a few minutes in all of dr. phil episode. the ultimate freeloaders. a couple locked up their house and move to another state. to squatters moved into their home and refused to leave. they say they legally on the home. >> the thanksgiving holiday weekend was a big one for the box office. the top movies the final installment of the twilight movies was again and one of the box office. it made 64 million follow by the james bond flick sky fall that made 51 million. the movie lincoln with daniel day lewis made $40 million. >> of that was a good movie. the dow jones industrial average was over the 13,000 mark on friday but now and down 71. we hope you have a
9:58 am
good day.
9:59 am